Sunday, August 18, 2019

A few photos from NOTSTOCK 2018

Photo credit: Studio 7117
Photo credit: Studio 7117
Photo credit: Studio 7117
Photo credit: Studio 7117
Photo credit: Rayson Renfrow
Photo credit: Rayson Renfrow
Photo credit: Rayson Renfrow
Photo credit: Rayson Renfrow
Photo credit: Rayson Renfrow
Photo credit: Rayson Renfrow
Photo credit: Rayson Renfrow
Photo credit: Rayson Renfrow

Photo credit: Studio 7117
Photo credit: NW Arts Center
Photo credit: NW Arts Center

Friday, October 19, 2018

Luck of the Draw Award Winners

Thank you to all the students who entered our Luck of the Draw High School Art Show. Jordan Ross from 2D Ink chose the awards as follows...

Fischer Ackerson from Mohall Lansford Sherwood High School won a Merit Award for their pen drawing, Symbols of Family.

Grace Beyers from Ipswich High School in South Dakota won a Merit Award for their pen drawing, Giraffe of Life.

Levi Ortiz from Magic City Campus won a Merit Award and the People's Choice Award for their graphite and colored pencil drawing, The Astronaut and His Dream.

And Ivy Noel from Magic City Campus won the Juror's Choice Award for their pen drawing, Proud Heritage

Thank you again to the students who entered, the high school teachers who incorporated our show into their curriculum, and thank you to Jordan Ross for jurying the show. Huge shoutout to our local Minot businesses (Main Street Books, Budget Music & Video, Artmain, and The Putt District) for donating to our prize packages. 

Sunday, October 7, 2018


Thanks to all who helped make NOTSTOCK 2018 possible!

All the volunteers, faculty, staff, students, musicians, artists, sponsors, area schools and their students and teachers, and community members.

Enormous thanks go to @extra_nothing and @davekloc for hanging out with us for four days to make art, teach others, have fun, and make friends. Thank @katieabrahamson, @cerapignet, @h.streccius, Micah Bloom, and @ryanstander for all the printing help.

Thank you Robin Reynolds for your work at PotStock along with @mathis.roxi , Lindsey Jaeger, Ben Wilson, and @lindaolson56

Thanks, @raysonrenfrow_photography, for the documenting the event in photos.

Thank you Anders Carlson-Wee, @sarahlaleshire, ShaunAnne Tangney, and all the folks involved in WordStock, including those who were brave enough to read their poems

Thanks @baefild for amazing and always fun improv workshops.

Thanks @mattaridy and @ericthoemke of @northdakotafilmtv for teaching students about film, and thanks @msubroadcastingdepartment for twisting tongues once again.

@ndmoa brought another great exhibit—thanks @kelsbuchholz and Greg!

@northwestartscenter hosted a great opening reception and exhibit for Dave and Ben as well as the poetry reading. Thanks, @heavyvettel!

Thanks Art Club, Andrea Donovan, and Linda Benson for selling t-shirts.

Thanks, @sallie.r.m for Luck of the Draw, and thanks, @jordan_rross of @2d_ink for judging the show.

Thanks musicians for keeping us singing and dancing—The Bitter Brothers, It Was Her Idea, Erik Anderson and Friends, Melissa Spelchen, Rick Watson, Cheryl Nilsen, The Sinister Hippies, Song Birds of North America, Virago, @_bart_goop_, and @wildhands_nd.

We cannot forget the amazing folks at @62doors who once again hosted a great reception and show of the artists’ work, as well as the annual hallway photos. Thank you!

Thanks to our sponsors—@minotstate, @grandhotelminot, @speedball_art, and Verendrye Electric Cooperative.

Thanks, Bill, for 12 years of NOTSTOCK; number 13 will be here in a blink of the eye.

Thanks for all the love, Minot arts community. ❤️– Laurie

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Volunteers Needed!

Click HERE and sign up to help at NOTSTOCK 2018!
The event wouldn't be possible without the help of so many people.

Saturday, September 15, 2018


HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ENTER! MSU NOTSTOCK is hosting a juried junior and senior high school art exhibition. LUCK OF THE DRAW - Art inspired by TATTOOS - See DETAILS and ENTRY FORM - HERE

Saturday, July 28, 2018

NOTSTOCK 2018 Guest Artists

We are SUPER DUPER excited to announce this year's NOTSTOCK guests. Check them out below and in person October 4-6, 2018 at Minot State University.

Printmaker and illustrator - Dave Kloc of Los Angeles


Printmaker and illustrator - Ben Chlapek of Chicago

Potter - Robin Reynolds or Hebron, North Dakota

Poet - Anders Carlson-Wee of Minneapolis

Theatre/Improv - Chris Stroschein and crew

Music - TBA

And more! 

Stay tuned.