Friday, November 4, 2011

NOTSTOCK to Help Minot Family

In June, 2011, Minot, North Dakota experienced a devastating flood. Over 4,000 homes were affected; 80% of them had severe damage.

In the midst of this disaster and recovery, a few kids did their part through their art and the help of their teachers to raise money for a family with kids who was impacted by the flood. NOTSTOCK guest artist, Dave DeVries, asked area elementary students to draw a picture of a "beaver rebuilding Minot" or a "Monster Beaver," as MSU's mascot is the beaver.

Over 100 students submitted drawings. Dave selected three of them. One drawing was used to paint a "Monster Beaver" like in DeVries' book, The Monster Engine. The "Minot" text from another drawing was added to the painting. DeVries turned the third drawing into a pen-and-ink drawing that was screen printed onto T-shirts and other apparel at NOTSTOCK.

Now the "Monster Beaver" painting and "beaver rebuilding Minot" drawing are up for auction on eBay from November 2-12. All proceeds will be donated to a Minot family with six children devastated by this summer's flood.

See the full article here.

Auctions are here:
Monster Beaver Painting
Beaver Rebuilding Minot Pen-and-Ink Drawing

Thursday, November 3, 2011


DWITT returned to NOTSTOCK to make a new print for his Last Word Series, a series of prints based on the last words figures of note throughout human history have uttered as living human beings. Thanks, Dave, for hanging with students, helping them learn, sharing your enthusiasm and passion for art, as well as your crazy work ethic. Amazing!

Photos by Max Patzner


Here are some shots of Dan and Jes of Landland printing in the Beaver Dam. What a delight it was to have these two exceptional people and printers at NOTSTOCK. Thanks, Landland, for such talent, generosity, and insane printmaking.

PS. I will soon add some pictures of the prints they made while here.

Photos by Max Patzner

Music...always great at NOTSTOCK

For some reason I don't have many pictures of all the great bands and musicians who played at NOTSTOCK this year, but that doesn't mean those who played weren't loved and appreciated. Thanks Crackpot Profits, Mindy Mae, Jared Schumaier, Dakota Chappy and Real North Florida, Less than Organic (thanks, Caitlin and Caley, for driving all the way from Fargo!), Japaniel Flatson/Acoustic Sparkle Additive, Consolation Prize, Erik Anderson and MSU cellists, High Water Low Lifes, True Soul Brothaz, Jeremiah James, The Morning Red, and Atom's Rite. You all were awesome!

Photos by Max Patzner

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Zine Workshops and More with Chloe Eudaly

Chloe Eudaly, owner of Reading Frenzy in Portland, Oregon, held two zine workshops during NOTSTOCK. Chloe also shared a variety of zines with guests. Her presentation, Print(ed) Matters, was excellent as well. Below are some photos from the second workshop, where Eudaly showed students how to use a gocco to print covers for the zines they made. Thanks, Chloe for another great NOTSTOCK!

Photos by Max Patzner.