Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dosh blows everyone away!

Martin Dosh was the featured music performance at NOTSTOCK. He played an amazing set in Aleshire Theatre with It's a Secret and Atom's Rite. He also conducted a workshop in the MSU Beaver Dam to explain what he does. He let people play on his equipment and join him on stage. And some of us took him out for some fun at the Barley Pop. Thanks, Dosh!

It's a Secret

Atom's Rite

Dosh in Aleshire Theatre

Dosh in Aleshire Theatre

Dosh workshop in the Beaver Dam

Dosh workshop in the Beaver Dam

Josh Collins gives it a try!

Caitlin Benson on cello and Dosh play together

Dosh and Tonya Stuart

Dosh and Nadine Nakanishi

Dosh and Laurie Geller

NOTSTOCK souvenir on Dosh's luggage

Special thanks to James Hanson for use of his sound equipment - you are amazing! Thanks Chris Stroschein, Jake Flaten, and Max Patzner for helping with the sound and technical equipment. It wouldn't have been possible without all of you!

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